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Mike Crane - Photography


Our specialty is people. Candid photos of children, company events, family, pre-natal and infant photography. We even do real estate virtual tours including original background music. I hope to run into you at a gathering. I still do photography but only for selected occasions.


Why We Do It

I love to have fun and share the humor I see in life. I am excited to bring the 'moment' into an image. I have a knack for capturing someone's essence. I am respectful and rarely 'take' a picture when I can become a part of the event and share the images it gives me. Posing a scene is fun and the best group pictures are given while the group is laughing about having their picture taken.

Check Us Out

My wife and I are a team. We enjoy visiting and working. You are always given our best. Here's a bit about who we are. Read more ...


My Boys

These two crazy goons! So much fun to watch and play with. It's fun being too old to run around and bash into things. Now I can just be present and things bash into me!

Smith Rock

I've got a few images of the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and Smith Rock (shown). The northwest is a canvas of unique rivers, mountains, and wildlife. It is impossible to tell you just how amazing this area is without a good camera and a little morning, evening, and night time patience.

BMW Madness

My son's crazy fast car. He's generating about 600 hp and 600 foot pounds of torque. It gets out of its own way, and everybody else's too! Good luck keeping up with it. You can see the extra intercooler behind the bottom grill. He needs it!